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Event Fundraising for St. Joe’s – Join us for their 4th Annual Toronto West Halloween Fest

Pumpkin carving, corn mazes, haunted houses and horror flicks are a few activities you may be participating in this Halloween. If you can’t wait to hit the streets to score some delicious Halloween candy, you should register for the Toronto West Halloween Fest on Sunday, October 25th. Tigris has proudly partnered up with St. Joseph’s Health Care Foundation for the 4th year of their annual event. Our CEO, Serena and National Account Manager, Helene have been dreaming of ghouls and goblins for the past 5 months; working on planning and logistics to support the execution of this event fundraising initiative. We are extremely excited to shut down a large part of the city for this charitable, festive event and want to see you there!

Event Fundraising for a Trick-or-Treat 5k Walk

Most holidays and special occasions involve lots of eating. We know you’re still full from your Thanksgiving dinners, but there is ALWAYS room for chocolate and candy! Instead of simply eating delicious candies to celebrate Halloween, St. Joe’s has developed a Trick-or-Treat 5k walk to support care for the kids at St. Joe’s. There will be tons of spooky surprises along the way, and you won’t feel too bad while munching on that candy bar. You deserve it after walking 5k!

The Trick-or-Treat 5K Walk will run south and then north through the beautiful Bloor West Village. Not only will you be working on your fitness, but you will be supporting the new Paediatric Emergency Department at St. Joe’s that will be built with your help! We encourage parents and children to dress up in their best Halloween costume (and don’t forget your furry friends). Pets are welcome and encouraged, so be sure to bring them along for the walk, and don’t forget their costume!

2015 10 14 ND - St Joe's (2)

If you’re interested in participating in this interactive (and rewarding) event – it’s very important that you register for the walk. For families, registration is $40, and individuals are $20. Remember, this is going to an extremely worthwhile cause. All families are also asked to raise $300, and individuals $100 to support the community at St. Joseph’s Health Centre.  Register today to start a Trick-or-Treat team with your family, extended family and/or co-workers, join an existing team or sign up as an individual. Last year, over 18,000 parents brought their children for care at the Paediatric Emergency centre. Help make this space bigger and better this Halloween. Prizes are awarded to the top fundraiser!

The Trick-or-Teat 5k walk is basically your Halloween Fashion Runway. Dress up as your favourite TV character, super hero, or food! Stuck for idea? Check out some of our favourite costumes for parents, children and pets. Start thinking of your costume now, because there is a prize for the best costume as well.

Parent Costume – Peanut Butter Jelly Sandwich  

2015 10 14 ND - St Joe's (4)

Baby Costume – easy to carry throughout the walk!

2015 10 14 ND - St Joe's (6)

Dog Costume – Pugkin Spice Latte

2015 10 14 ND - St Joe's (5)

Event Fundraising And Sponsorship – Want To Know How You Can Help?

After the walk, there will be a fun festival on Bloor Street West with amazing surprises and performances. There will be live performances from Splash’N Boots, Swansea School of Dance and even a Taylor Swift impersonator! The festival is open to everyone and takes place on Bloor Street West between Jane and Runnymede. There are also plenty of fun activities including a meet-and-greet with hockey legends, a costume contest, awards for top fundraisers and much, much more.  You can check out some of the pictures from last year here.

The entire Tigris head office will be participating in the Toronto West Halloween Fest on Sunday, Oct. 25th alongside a dozen of our events staff and tons of volunteers. Some of our staff will be positioned at various stations alongside volunteers to create an unforgettable experience for each and every family. There will be Toronto Argo’s Cheerleaders, mascots, a photo booth experience, pumpkin decorating, Scotia Bank Hockey Zone and NHL Signing and a unique Underwater Adventure booth sponsored by local realtor Christine Simpson!

We are still looking for 45 volunteers for this event. Assist us with this worthwhile cause for a day of spooktacular fun! Email Amy at for more information on how you can volunteer at the Toronto West Halloween Fest.

As the event management partner for this event fundraising initative, Tigris is still accepting new sponsors to supply tricks or treats to excite festival attendees! It will be an amazing opportunity for you to build impressions and interactions for your brand within the west-end community. If you are interested in sponsoring the event, please contact Amy as well. Scotiabank, Pizza Pizza and Cineplex are some of this year’s sponsors (just to name a few!)

Although this is only our 3rd time working alongside St. Joe’s, Tigris has been operating nationwide for over a decade. With a team of experienced account coordinators and event planners, Tigris is able to tackle any event, anywhere! Our event staffing, planning and creative services are available in Ottawa, Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary, and many other markets across Canada. Remember, Christmas is just around the corner! Give Tigris a call today at 416.283.9119 for a free quote on any of our services or send us an e-mail at


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Beginners Guide: Online Branding Strategies to Build a Consumer Base

We’ve all heard it before, image is everything. For beginners, developing a brand can be extremely intimidating. Our previous blog on establishing your personal brand highlights how consistency is key to establishing your personal brand image, and the same theory applies to legitimizing your brands appearance by using online branding strategies to build a consumer base.

Your brands online appearance is crucial to building a strong consumer base. Your blog posts, website, social media accounts and SEO ranking all contribute to the success of your brand. Once you have consistency and cohesion in these 4 areas, you will begin to notice loyalty in your consumers.

4 Online Branding Strategies That Will Make Your Sales Increase

  1. How to Create a Blog that That Generates Traffic

It’s extremely important to start blogging if you haven’t already. Your blog posts can range in a variety of topics, including “how-to” lists, interviews, recaps (of a conference/book/webinar you’ve attended) or even current events that effect your target demographic. Your blog posts needs to be engaging and it has to be something your consumer is tempted to click on and read more. Avoid talking about your services and products and focus more on the interests of your consumers and give them something valuable to share with their peers.

Blogging Tips and Tricks

Blogging Tips and Tricks

It’s also important that the tone and voice of your blog matches your product and service. Are you a B2B or B2C business? Who do you want to read your blog post? Whether you choose to select a more conversational or professional tone, ensure that your blog generates an emotional response from the reader.

Here are a few foolproof blogging tips: use relevant images (be careful of copyrights!), make sure it is easy for the reader to share on social media, and create author authority (include a short description on the author and what makes them a creditable source).

  1. Make Sure Your Website Is Not Driving Consumers Away!

First and foremost, is your website easily accessible on a mobile device? 9 out of 10 mobile searches lead to action. More than half lead to sales. (Source: SearchEngineLand). Therefore if your website isn’t mobile accessible, you need to fix that right away! You are literally diminishing your sales by the second.

The appearance of your website must be sleek and appealing. For users visiting your website on a computer, ensure all the valuable information is above the fold (meaning they don’t need to scroll down). Make sure the homepage clearly identifies what your business does and what the consumer will gain by making a purchase/using your services. Include clickable buttons that lead to valuable sources of information on other pages of your website.

Remember, simplicity is key. Entice the consumer, do not confuse them! 55% of users spend less than 15 seconds on your homepage.  What are you telling them in those 15 seconds?

  1. Alternate Your Tone on Each Social Media Network

It’s valuable to know who you are writing for. Although you want a consistent tone/voice across all social media platforms, it’s important to know which percentage of your target demographic is on which channel, and when. Your Twitter audience and Instagram audience may not be composed of the same consumers.

Online Branding Strategy

online branding strategies Online Branding Strategies


For example, what Tigris shares on LinkedIn may not be the same articles that we share on Facebook and Twitter. Our Instagram audience loves ‘real-time’ photos where we share images of an event with our staff at that exact moment. On Facebook, we praise our events staff by highlighting a member each #TalentTuesday. On Twitter, our posts with motivational quotes obtain the most likes. Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn tend to have an older audience while Instagram attracts the 18-29 age group. Do some experimenting and find out what works best for you and your brand. Ensure your posts are consistent on each social media platform, but not too frequent!

  1. Get On Top – of SEO rankings!

To gain the ultimate authority and highlight professionalism, it’s crucial that you spend time on your SEO rankings. This is the most important of the 4 online branding strategies. You want to build your consumer base, and to do this, your target demographic needs to be able to find you! When looking for a new product or service, we all tend to ‘Google’ what we need. You need to ensure that when a potential consumer is searching for a keyword, your website comes up on the first page of their google search.

How do you make it into the top 3 (non-paid) Google search results? Create original content, and post frequently. Take the time to properly research which keywords your target demographic is using to search for your product/service. Improve your on-site content structure by using H1 tags, bolding, and images. Make sure your URL contains the keyword you are optimizing. Take the time to back link on high authority sites as well.

Get On Top – of SEO rankings!

Get On Top – of SEO rankings!

From Online Branding Strategies to Face to Face Branding Strategies with Brand Ambassadors

As you can see, it takes some time to solidify your brand’s appearance to build your consumer base. Image is everything, from your website to the branded invoices you send your new and existing consumers. We know a lot of our promotional models and brand ambassadors across Canada are aspiring entrepreneurs and actors, so we hope you found this post beneficial to building your customer base and strengthening your brand.

If you are looking for another way to solidify your brand’s appearance to gain a larger consumer base, you may want to try experiential marketing – use a promotional team of brand ambassadors to increase awareness about your product or service by placing them in locations and at events where you know your consumer base will be. Have the events staff give out free samples and promotional items while engaging with potential consumers about your brand. The face-to-face interaction is extremely valuable and is an effective way to reach hundreds of potential consumers in a short amount of time. Contact Tigris today at 416-283-9119 for a free quote on any of our event staffing or experiential marketing services. We operate in over 15 markets across Canada, including Toronto, Ottawa, Edmonton, Vancouver and Calgary.

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Get Recruited Nationwide!

Get Recruited by Tigris Nationwide

Do you want to get recruited by the best event staffing agency in the biz?  Do you want to work for some of your favorite brands? Then you are in the right place for key tips and the inside scoop that will help you along the way!

What is Tigris?

Tigris is the top temporary staffing agency in the industry. We offer businesses and brands the leading edge in experiential marketing through the use of professionally trained sales force that is far superior to the industry standard. We use a set of very specific criteria to ensure that we recruit only the best of the best. Tigris has more than 1,200 temporary staff from coast to coast who will enhance promotions and sales with face to face interactions. Our temporary staffing team is versatile but we specialize in these top seven areas!

  • Event Staffing // bring in a positive atmosphere to get consumers excited about the brands you’re representing.
  • Brand Ambassadors // with high energy and impact to get a buzz going about big brands.
  • Promotional Models // who have the beauty and the brains in order to successfully represent high end brands.
  • Multicultural Staff // with a good personality and are bilingual in any language required.
    Tigris has tons of diverse staff bilingual in such languages as Chinese, Cantonese, Mandarin, Hindu, Urdu, Gujrati, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese – and so many more!
  • Corporate Entertainers // who will bring excitement to your event from DJ’s & MC’s to singers, dancers and musicians.
  • Market Researchers // who are experienced to maximize survey participation while remaining neutral/unbiased. Tigris has completed over 40 studies in the last 7 years.
  • Sales Staff // who will pre-qualify and close sales in charity, retail or trade show environments.

Private Party Hostesses - Feature

Key Tips for Your Next Interview!

There is no way around an interview if you are getting recruited. Interviews may be intimidating on occasions and you may feel a little nervous going into one but with simple tips from Tigris your next interview will be a cake walk!

  • Use Social Sweepster
    • Nowadays, everybody uses social media for making memories and keeping in touch. About 90% of employers search your social media to try and make the first impression themselves. Don’t let them! Social Sweepster is an app that deletes pictures of beer bottles, red solo cups, and anything else that is a suspicious. It even detects profanity from your past posts!
      Tip! As you get older and begin your venture into the professional work force, it’s a good idea to exercise caution and discretion with your social media persona and posts. You don’t want to miss out on an opportunity because of how a post or photo may be interpreted by an potential employer.
  • Arranging a Time
    • If you have the ability to negotiate the time, always try to avoid Mondays and Fridays because the employees gear up for the week or wind down. Also try to avoid lunch time because your interviewer may be too hungry to actually listen to what you have to say.  Always try and take the earliest interview slot to show that you are excited about being there. Tigris usually arranges interview sessions on a weeknight from 5-9 or 6-9pm so candidates who work full time can also participate.
      Tip! Unless it’s absolutely an emergency, make sure you show up. There is nothing worse for an interviewer than a half full interview session. They are committing their time to meet you so it’s both unprofessional and insulting not to show up.
  • Prepare for Some Generic Questions
    • A question that usually catches people off guard is the “What’s your weakness?” Make sure you know what your honest weakness but it’s not about admitting it. It’s about showing how you overcome them. It shows the employer that you have the ability to problem solve because nobody is perfect and everybody has a weakness.
      Tip! Saying you’re a perfectionist is not a weakness!!! Try to think of something original and of course, applicable to you. You want your interviewer to remember you.
  • Following Up
    • Always thank your interviewer within 24 hours of completing your interview. Once you have sent the email not only does it show your gratitude, but now they also have your email address in their inbox in case anything pops up.
      Tip! If you receive a phone call or email to let you know you’ve been hired, make sure you respond and within a reasonable time frame. You don’t want your new work place to have to chase you to give you the news. It’s a good idea to have voicemail on your cell phone and if you are going to be away, make sure you schedule an auto reply to keep people in the loop.

    The Inside Scoop

    Here at Tigris, it is very important that we recruit and hire people with big personalities (we want those who will stand out in a crowd!). We like to hire dynamic men and women, between the ages of 19 to 40+. If you want us to consider you will need to have a great work ethic, strong organization and communication skills, and a personable/positive attitude. We also like to ensure candidates share the same values that we do. For more on these values, as voted on by our roster, click here.

    Recruiting Information

    In order to get recruited by Tigris, you must attend one of our interviews sessions. For us, it is imperative that we meet all of our candidates face-to-face in order to accurately gauge who is a good fit –not only for our agency, but more importantly, for our clients and their brands. We want to get to know our staff on a personal level so that they feel as comfortable working for us and so we know which opportunities to send them and book them for. At this interview session, you will learn about Tigris and we will aim to learn about you. We conclude with a thorough Q&A.

    We just completed interviews in Vancouver and Montreal earlier this month. Our next interview is coming up in Toronto on Tues., Aug. 25. To get recruited and obtain more information about our upcoming interview sessions, please send your resume and 2-3 recent photos to Alternately, you can apply on our website.  All interviews will be booked via email.

    We look forward to hearing from you soon!

    Interview Room

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promo models sporting events

Promo Models Sporting Events

It’s been a very busy summer here at Tigris, and we’ve had many requests regarding Promo Models for Sporting Events. Each of these requests have been extremely different from the other but all required professional promotional models to enhance the overall event and guest experience at various tournaments, races and  games. As an events staff at Tigris, you wear many different hats. One day you may be dressed as a professional soccer player; the other you’re representing Twitter at a prestigious sporting event! What would a promotional model do at a sporting event? Let’s take a look.

5 Interactive Examples of Tigris Promo Models for Sporting Events in Toronto

1) FIFA Women’s World Cup Promotion

On June 6th, Tigris provided 3 promotional models for our client Bell Canada, in association with TSN at Yorkdale mall. Our staff were decked out in soccer jerseys, shorts, socks and cleats to fit the part. The promotion was planned to promote the Women’s World Cup, which took place in cities across Canada for the first time in Canadian history, and TSN & CTV are the host broadcasters. Our sports enthusiasts promotional models were driving awareness for shoppers to tune-in for the FIFA World Cup. How did they get this done? Besides looking adorable in their soccer gear, our staff engaged in a freestyle soccer demo and distributed free giveaways such as mini branded soccer balls and broadcast schedules.

Alongside this activation was a live Twitter TV Kiosks by Eventpeeks, shown in the photo below. We’ll get into more detail on this unique component later on in the blog post! You can also check out how Twitter steps into reality for the World Cup here.


2) RBC Canadian Open Promotion

Tigris teamed up with Eventpeeks (told you we’d talk more about the Twitter kiosk!) to provide one promotional model for the RBC Canadian Open. The Twitter Kiosk, commissioned by Twitter Canada and built by Eventpeeks, allows people to experience Twitter in an entirely new way. Guests at the RBC Canadian Open were able to take pictures of themselves at the event and tweet the photo, which was then displayed on the Live Twitter TV. Guests were then taking photos of themselves on the Live Twitter TV, and reposting that image! The concept is extremely engaging and fun. Guests are able to touch the interactive screen and contribute to a live discussion regarding the event. The event was held at Glen Abbey in Oakville.

Our promotional model was responsible for interacting with Canadian Open fans and encouraging them to take a picture with the Twitter TV, to touch and browse all the best tweets being shared at that moment. Social media engagement was sky-high throughout the event, and fans loved hanging out with our bubbly promotional model.

2015 07 25 to 26 RBC CDN Open













3) Rogers Cup Promotion

The Rogers Cup, presented by National Bank, is a prestigious professional tennis tournament organized by Tennis Canada. Tigris had our promotional models assist Eventpeeks with their live Twitter TV kiosk for Roger’s Cup for Women in Toronto at the Aviva Centre, Aug. 8-13th.

This promotion was extremely similar to the RBC Canadian Open, with an overall goal of increasing social media activity and engagement. Our promotional models absolutely love being outdoors and had a blast getting fans to participate.

2015 08 08 to 13 Eventpeeks @ Rogers Cup (1)

4) CONCACAF Prime Sports

On July 14th, Tigris provided 4 promotional models to assist Prime Sports at The Confederation of North, Central American and Caribbean Association Football CONCACAF, hosted at the BMO Field in Toronto. Our promotional models were VIP hostesses for the evening, as PrimeSport was providing hospitality for a special group of guests attending the match in the VIP suite.

Our Promo Models for Sporting Events greeted guests, distributed wristbands, assisted guests in Spanish, and ensured the guests had an exceptional experience.

Here are a few testimonials from the night:

  • “This is a very nice event”
  • “I’m loving the VIP suite this is great”
  • “You ladies are wonderful; I hope you’ll always be here!”

2015 07 14 VIP Hospitality @ CONCACAF (9)

As you can see, the ladies were a hit! Our staff took the time to ensure the VIP guests were comfortable and well taken care of.

5) Event Staffing Support for BRITA at Colour Me Rad Toronto

It isn’t always promotional models that are requested for sporting events, sometimes we get requests for a large team of brand ambassadors! In association with BRITA, Tigris provided a team of speedy, enthusiastic brand ambassadors who distributed BRITA filtered water to guests after they completed the 5K Colour Me Rad run in Toronto. This complimentary service was greatly appreciated by runners of all ages.

Goodlife Marathon

Promo Models for Sporting Events, Special Events, Trade Shows and More!

Are you looking for event staffing services? Are you interested in any of the technology we mentioned, promo models sporting events or anything else we haven’t mentioned? Give Tigris a call at 416.283.9119 or send us an email at for a free quote – we promise we’ll get it over within 24 hours or less. Our event staffing services are available in over 15 markets across Canada, and we’ve been staffing events in new areas such as Price Edward Island. Give us a call and we can assist with even the most remote locations!

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