24 May

Author: Serena Schwab
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24 May / Tigris Staff Management Tips

The Art of Successful Staff Management Staff management is one of the most basic, fundamental requirements of any successful business. And while, yes, it is something that some would say “is a given”; if it’s not handled properly, it can make or break you. So how exactly do you master the art of staff management? It starts with the simple things… First off, you need to FIND the right people and get very, very good…

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16 May / An Outdoor Event That Puts You In The Fast Lane!

The Unofficial Kick-Off To The Summer with Canadian Tire! After a long and brutal winter, most Canadians are craving time outside and what better way to spend the long weekend, than at an outdoor event. Wouldn’t you agree? One thing is for sure – we all look forward to long weekends as they usually signify a swift getaway, extraordinary  activities or rest and relaxation.  Victoria Day long weekend in particular winds us up for the summer…

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13 May / Expanding our Event Sampling Portfolio with Cabo Wabo Tequila

Thinking about On or Off Premise Event Sampling Executions? Event sampling is an excellent way to expose potential customers to a new product or brand in a fun and unassuming yet effective way. More often than not, customers gravitate to their tried and true favourite brands but setting up a sampling within the liquor store or at a restaurant or pub may be just what they need to grab your bottle off the shelf…

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07 May / Top Tips to Prepare for Your Upcoming Fitness Shows

Are you Considering Entering Any Fitness Shows this Year? New Years resolutions have come and gone – but if you are working on your health goals, competing in fitness shows could be a great way to stay motivated all year long. Standing on stage in your swimsuit may seem like a daunting task, but if you’re well prepared, mentally and physically, you’d be amazed at what you can accomplish. Here are some tips to…

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