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Content Marketing Resolutions for 2016

5 New Year’s Resolutions to Improve Your Content Marketing in 2016

It’s that time of year again – when we motivate ourselves to set a few resolutions for how we’ll improve ourselves in the New Year. Though most of our personal resolutions will slowly trail off to the wayside by mid-February, here are a few content marketing resolutions to keep in mind to help make 2016 your best year yet.

My Content Will Be Effective & Engaging

  • Make sure your content marketing approach is focused, relevant, and consistent to attract and retain your audience.
  • Make sure your content drives your target market or point towards a profitable action.
  • Determine and pin-point your target market by reviewing your data to see if you are able to relate and communicate effectively to your audience.


My Content Will Be Organized & Strategic

  • Being organized will help you stay focused and will promote a clear vision to content marketing success.
  • Document your content strategy: lists with key words, phrases and ideas open prompt and open up discussions.
  • Be more effective by making it a point to meet weekly with teams to discuss and update mission statements.

My Content Will Be Creative

  • Take advantage of infographics, illustrations/photos and online presentations.
  • Discover and develop your social media presence – there’s a reason it’s the #1 content marketing tactic!
  • Update key words and phrases to optimize your SEM.
  • Provide a variety of options: blogs, video series, podcasts, or create an online community.

My Content Will Exceed My Goals

  • Whether it is sales, customer retention/engagement, brand awareness or lead generation, focus your content marketing to deliver on the goals you have deemed most important.
  • The start of a new year is a great time to assess your goals. Do you need to adjust, add or change them?
  • Metrics are your friend so keep an eye on your website traffic and client/consumer renewal-rates.

My Content Will Use My Budget Wisely

  • Utilize the technology you already have in place and determine if there is any other technology that is not being used and if it should be implemented.
  • Effectively integrate your content marketing across all of your tactics and tools.
  • If you’re not seeing an ROI on your present content marketing strategy, regroup and revise accordingly.

When you and your team sit down in the New Year to make your content marketing resolutions, we hope you’ll keep these tips in mind for a successful 2016!

Let Tigris Help You Meet Your Content Marketing Resolutions in 2016.

Tigris’ team of field market researchers can provide face-to-face interactions with your target audience to obtain the feedback and data you need to build a great strategy; while engaging with potential consumers about your brand. Contact Tigris today at 416.283.9119 or send an e-mail to for a free quote on any of our event staffing or experiential marketing services. We operate in over 15 markets across Canada, including Toronto, Montreal, Edmonton, Vancouver and Calgary.

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4 Types of Holiday Marketing Promotions to Create a Positive Brand Impression

Create a Positive Brand Impression with 4 Meaningful Marketing Promotions

How do you feel about the brands surrounding you? A brand expresses who a company is, including their products and services. How a consumer feels about a brand includes more than just their logo and slogan, it encompasses their identity in the marketplace, products, and the experience they deliver to consumers. The perfect approach for brands to make a positive influence on their consumer is through holiday marketing promotions. We’ve listed 4 types of meaningful marketing promotions that have proven to imprint a positive image in the consumers mind.

1. Charitable – Give Back To Those In Need 
Have you dined at EDO Japan? This grill and sushi restaurant is famous for their sweet, delicious Teriyaki sauce which is made fresh daily in every restaurant. To celebrate the holidays, Edo Japan created the “Edo Elf”, the iconic symbol of Edo’s “Simply Better Giving” program throughout the holiday season. Tigris was contacted by Edo Japan to provide staff to work as the Edo Elves street team in Calgary and Edmonton. During the holiday campaign (Nov. 2nd – Jan. 4th) Edo Japan will donate 25 cents of each veggie and desert spring roll sold to the Food Bank. This is the perfect example of a charitable holiday marketing promotion that illuminates a positive brand image.


The elf costumes were provided by the client and included a red pea coat, bags, black gloves, gold scarfs, gold branded hats, black boots and gold leggings for the girls. As an Edo Elf, our Tigris brand ambassadors were responsible for elevating the brand, educating people on the spring roll promotion and engaging with people by taking photos and handing out promotional items. They also teamed up with Virgin Radio for specific live events to create mass awareness of the special holiday campaign. Consumers were pleased to hear that a company with over 30 years of experience was making an effort to donate to those in need, and they also liked the fact that they were able to personally assist by purchasing a spring roll.

2. Shareable – Make Sure Your Promotion is Social
Along with giving, the holidays are also about sharing! Holiday marketing promotions that are socially shareable are extremely effective. Tigris teamed up with Toolbox+ Designs to provide a unique holiday promotion for Woodgrove and Mayfair Shopping Centres. Tigris provided the interactive street team members to surprise, delight and spark shoppers to share the Woodgrove + Mayfair gift card solution. Our “Gift Card #SantaSquad” was responsible for visiting shopping centres and city streets, dressed in special bright pink Santa outfits. The team traveled with an interactive social media photo frame and sharing system with a giant Santa sack to share the joy of this simple gift card solution.


Some of those on your list may be a little tougher to shop for than others, but you can’t go wrong with a mall gift card! Our #SantaSquad triggered curiosity and created a fun photo opportunity for consumers which made the promotion shareable. When creating a shareable promotion, it’s important to remember that participants do not always feel comfortable using their own phones and personal data to share on social media. To avoid this issue, our #SantaSquad took photos of participants with their own iPads and shoppers were able to entire their social media information into the iPad. The photo was instantly shared on the shoppers’ social media platform. As an extra bonus for participating, the shoppers were entered to win a grand prize of $1,000 in gift cards.

3. Make It Instant – Automatic Prizes for Busy Shoppers
This time of year can be extremely stressful and expensive for all types of consumers. Shoppers are extremely busy and when they finally do find the time to shop, they are pressed for time. That’s why each interaction with a potential consumer must be quick, but also memorable and valuable. Tigris teamed up with Midfield in association with EXPRESS for a holiday promotion at Square One in Brampton, ON. Our events staff rocked the latest holiday fashions while encouraging guests to participate in a text-to-win contest for automatic prizes including gift cards and exclusive EXPRESS offers.


Our #SantaSquad from the promotion mentioned earlier also had an instant prize/thank-you for participants including a Santa-wrapped gift box from the Santa sack. These boxes included a Santa Bonus Ballet for a chance to win $500 in gift cards, as well as pre-loaded gift cards with values ranging from $10-$100! It’s important to give consumers a reason to use your services right away, which is where a gift card or special discount comes into effect.

4. Community Based
Last but not least, effective holiday marketing promotions can be community based. Try sponsoring a local event, such as a Santa Claus Parade! Tigris worked alongside one of our reputable clients to provide staffing support for the Caledon Santa Claus Parade. This was the perfect opportunity to increase brand awareness, distribute promotional items and imprint a positive message on current and potential consumers. Other ideas include sponsoring a local food drive, Christmas markets, gift drives or even host your own event.


Holiday Marketing Promotions – Use These Techniques All Year Round!

Consumers will react positively to events that are charitable, shareable, provide instant results and are community based. These 4 types of promotions do not have to be limited to the holiday season, but can be incorporated all year round. If you are interested in creating a memorable, positive brand impression on your current or potential consumers, contact Tigris today. Send an e-mail to or call 415-283-9119 for a free quote on any of our event staffing services. We operate in over 15 markets across Canada including Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary and Ottawa.

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How to Engage and Motivate Your Consumers

Are you looking to engage your customers? How you engage them, be it new or existing, has become a necessity to build your brand and improve customer retention while moving ahead of your competitors. The following are some key lessons to consider if you’re looking to motivate your consumers and influence their buying behaviour.

Build Trust

It’s very important to speak with your customers. Do you remember the last time you conducted field market research or directly engaged consumers at the point of sale? You can build trust with consumers when you take the initiative to find out what they really need. Show them that you care about their opinions – that building relationships by listening to and understanding their needs is as important to you as it is to them.

Tigris has collected thousands of surveys for reputable clients including Toronto Pearson Airport, Carlsberg and Metrolinx. Tigris is a proven and trusted supplier of field market research staff to reputable companies and organizations relying on the data collected to make valuable long term decisions and consumer relationships.

Bring Value / Be Valuable

When you take the time to research and discover a customer’s needs and buying behaviour, you’ll get a better idea of the value you can bring. Do you need to become the most knowledgeable in your industry? Are you the one who can deliver a solution to a target issue or problem? Is your brand providing the best quality experience possible? Consumers will recognize any or all of these as an added value – motivating them to deal directly with you, instead of your competitor.

cross property promotion.jpgProvide Options

There will always be an instance where – no matter how beneficial your product or service is – some consumers will find flaws with it. A client who is reluctant to accept your offering may consider looking to your competitors. To motivate and retain customers, make sure you have a plan B in place. Choice can mean everything.

Tigris recently partnered with Toolbox+ Design to help their client promote multi-use gift cards that could be used interchangeably at 2 malls on Vancouver Island. For the holidays, they decided to create a gift card that could be used at both Mayfair Shopping Centre and Woodgrove Centre‘s. This gives islanders the choice of shopping at over 270 brands between two places – one easy gift card that works island wide – just in time for the Christmas season!

Honesty IS the Best Policy

Did you make a mistake? Does your product or service require some fixing? Be upfront with existing and potential customers. Provide as much detail as you can – in as positive a way as possible. Consumers are often motivated to accept things that are “new & improved” or “bigger and better.” If there was an issue, clearly define what it was and how your improved it. If necessary, provide a before-and-after synopsis summarizing the differences and benefits. This will motivate consumers to embrace the change.

When you take to steps to make your customers feel valued or heard – or by simply making them feel like they are a part of your brand – you can create and build long lasting relationships that motivate your consumers to engage with you, instead of your competitors.

Discover How You Can Motivate Your Consumers With Tigris Brand Ambassadors.

Are you looking to motivate your consumers to try a new product or service? You may want to give experiential marketing a try! Tigris’ team of brand ambassadors can provide face-to-face consumer interactions in various locations or events; hand out free samples and promotional items while engaging with potential consumers about your brand. Contact Tigris today at 416.283.9119 or send an e-mail to for a free quote on any of our event staffing or experiential marketing services. We operate in over 15 markets across Canada, including Toronto, Ottawa, Edmonton, Vancouver and Calgary.

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2016 Top Choice Award Nominations – Cast your Vote for Tigris before February 1st!

2016 Top Choice Award Nominations for Event Staffing in the GTA!

As a small business, Tigris truly appreciates every milestone that comes our way; from moving into a brand new office, growing within the head office to 5 full-time employees and multiple award nominations. In 2014, we were nominated for a Notable Business Award in marketing, and this year we have been nominated for Canada’s Top 100 and Best Employee Branding for the Canadian HR Awards. Looking ahead, we have been nominated for a 2016 Top Choice Award for Event Staffing in the Greater Toronto Area!

To support, please click here, search for Tigris and leave a top notch review to vote. Voting ends February 1st, 2016 so please leave your review early and share this information.


What is a Top Choice Award? This special award recognizes the best in each category including yoga studios, restaurants, car dealerships and more. The Top Choice Awards collects the reviews and opinions of thousands of customers each year which is one of the reasons why we take such pride in this nomination. We value the opinions and thoughts of our clients and staff; majority of our clients and current team of brand ambassadors have contacted Tigris due to great referrals. If Tigris receives the Top Choice Award in our category we will be able to use this official stamp of approval on our website so consumers can make an educated choice when using our services.

To be considered for a Top Choice Award, the nominee must:
• Be in business for a minimum of 1 year – we’ve been in business for 12!
• Conduct fair business practices – Tigris pays our staff top wages within 2 weeks of their events by direct deposit along with an evaluation.
• Portray an exceptional interior image location – we moved into our brand new modern office this year!
• Portray an acceptable online image – Tigris updated our website earlier this year and we update it weekly with new blogs, landing pages and event portfolios.
• Operate acceptable social media outlet presence – Tigris has over 125,000 combined followers on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter – not to mention the 5,000 contacts our company CEO has on her Linked In profile!

We appreciate your help in helping us achieve this special award. There are several benefits from achieving a Top Choice Award, such as motivating our current team within the head office and the events staff on our team across Canada. We want to show our staff how hard we strive to be a top choice in promotions, personnel, marketing and events to ensure they feel proud to be part of our team. It will help Tigris gain new clients and receive a positive first impression from the badge, showcasing our award winning reputation. Tigris also wants to be recognized as a professional, creditable voice in the industry and this award will associate Tigris and our staff with the best in the biz.

Award Nominations :: Why Your Vote Matters

What is truly unique about this award is that instead of simply clicking a button, voters must explain why they are voting for the specific business and what exactly makes them that voter’s top choice. Tigris host group interviews to recruit new brand ambassadors across Canada and we always take the time to explain what makes Tigris unique. As mentioned earlier, we pay our staff top wages within 2 weeks of their events by direct deposit. We offer compensation for successfully booked referrals when we are short for staff in remote areas, and we also offer sales incentives for brand ambassadors that successfully refer us to a new client. We value our staff and distribute regular incentives on our events along with annual awards for the Top Brand Ambassadors in each province.

In regards to our clients, we are available 24/7 (we literally sleep with our phones under our pillows). We provide detailed reports post-event including feedback from our staff, consumer testimonials, and qualitative and quantitative results. Tigris has staffed events within 24 hours’ notice and pulled a team of 15 professional brand ambassadors together in a remote location within 1 week. We offer our clients the option to simply select staff via photos, descriptive bios or based on our own opinions on who would be best suited for the program. We work within our clients’ needs to meet their budget, provide experiential staffing ideas and design branded uniforms. We also always offer a quick solution to any issues that arise.


If you would like to learn more about Tigris and why you should vote, check out our account coordinators on LinkedIn to see the brains behind the business including Helene, Amy, Evangelia and Nicole. You can also connect with the CEO, Serena on LinkedIn and take a few moments to read her post “Humble Beginnings” to learn more about the foundation of Tigris. The article “Opportunity to Score in Temporary Staff Business” was featured in the Financial Post in 2014 and Serena was featured as Notable’s Young Professional of the Day on June 4th, 2015.

If you are interested in joining the Tigris team, please send your resume and head shot to If you are interested in connecting to learn more about our services in personnel, promotions, events and marketing please give us a call at 416-283-9119 or send an e-mail to We operate in over 15 markets across Canada including Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal, Edmonton and Calgary.

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