06 Jun

Author: Serena Schwab
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06 Jun / At your Service! Tips to Secure Superior Staff for your Next Event

How to Source Superior Staff who will Connect with Consumers while Complimenting your Event Are you in need of management support or superior staff to host an event this summer? The weather is warming up and so is event season! There is no more perfect time than now to start thinking about planning an event. Whether you work for a company, planning an event marketing campaign or hosting a private party of your own, there are…

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01 Jun

01 Jun / Tigris Turns 10! Celebrating a Big Business Milestone

Tigris Incorporated Celebrates a Business Milestone with 10 Years Creating Engaging and Effective Brand Experiences How Tigris’ CEO transformed a small staffing agency into an experiential marketing power house with clients across Canada, the US, Europe, Africa and even, Australia! (TORONTO) June 1, 2014 —The success of a company depends on many factors, but employees who believe in its purpose and clients who keep coming back are key. In 2004, Tigris Personnel, a promotional staffing…

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event rentals

29 May

29 May / Corporate Planning and Event Rentals :: What to Consider Before Committing

Have you ever had an “OOPS” moment when planning or confirming your event rentals? Surprised by an invoice with a final balance you weren’t expecting? Or worst case – rained out when hosting a patio party? Who could have known that when securing venue and event rentals that there could be so many factors to take into consideration. As professional corporate event planners, we work hard to perfect the art of event rentals. To help…

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27 May / How to Develop the Best Marketing Campaigns

The Best Marketing Campaigns are Memorable… So How Exactly do you Make Sure They’re Memorable? Big brands are competing every day to come up with the best marketing campaigns. Between consumer driven content consumption online taking away from TV advertising and declining readership among printed forms of media, companies are looking for innovative new ways to connect with their customers. To come up with the best marketing campaigns, here are a few tried and true…

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