15 Jul / Staffing Solutions and an Outdoor Sampling Program for Taste of Nature

Success & Staffing Solutions :: How To Match up the Right Reps to the Right Brands? Staffing solutions are fundamental building blocks for success. If you don’t have the right people and a solid plan for execution, it doesn’t matter how great your idea or strategy may be. From brand image and natural skill to key messaging and market planning, every company has a varying needs and expectations from those who work for them and/or represent…

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10 Jul / Festival Marketing Strategies Make World Pride 2014 a Huge Success

Festival Marketing Strategies Create Memorable Experiences at World Pride With hundreds of thousands of guests at World Pride this year, there was a generous amount of festival marketing strategies put into effect to make the event a success. For months leading up to Pride, there were a ton of promotions not just around the city of Toronto, but around the world as well. Who doesn’t like a good party once in a while? Well,…

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01 Jul / Employee Appreciation Event Planning: Tigris Teams up with CGC for their Annual Sales Conference

As Christmas marks the biggest season for company holiday parties, summer comes in at a close second for employee appreciation event planning and execution. Do you have a rocking team of staff who deserve recognition? Why not surprise them with an evening of fun, food, dancing and socialization…oh and did we say cocktails? That’s what CGC did when they recently teamed up with Tigris for their employee appreciation event planning requirements. Employee Appreciation Event…

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24 Jun / Event Marketing Agencies: The Programs they Plan & What they Look for in their Events Staff

A Behind the Scenes Look at Event Marketing Agencies Have you ever wondered how much work event marketing agencies put into planning their events? If so, you’re in luck; we’re gonna let you in on a few little secrets! It takes a lot of work for an event to come together and there are many elements that must be taken into consideration during the planning process. Hey, event planning isn’t for everyone, but at Tigris, we…

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