Event Personnel for Grace Kennedy Foods 2015 Promotions

Event Personnel for Grace’s 2015 Festivals & Trade Shows!

Tigris is excited to announce that we have secured a contract with Grace Kennedy Foods to provide event personnel for a series of summer sampling events throughout 2015! Over the course of 8 months, Tigris will provide top event personnel for their festivals and trade shows across the GTA. The campaign may also expand to include in-store tastings and a mobile tour with a branded truck – and we can’t wait!

Famously known for their coconut water, Grace also manufactures over 20 other products including syrups, organic and natural coconut products, seasonings, sauces, spices, canned fish and meats, and soups! Grace started in Jamaica in 1922 as small traders and wharf operators. Over the years, they have grown and diversified. Their privately owned operation became a public company listed on the stock exchanges of Jamaica, and Trinidad & Tobago.

Today, the Grace Kennedy Group is a network of companies located across the Caribbean, in North and Central America, and the United Kingdom. Their products are available in major grocery retailers, family-owned stores and restaurants right across Canada. You can usually find their products in the International or Caribbean section of stores.

Where will you find our event personnel promoting these amazing products? Here’s a list of our scheduled events so far:

March 27-29: The Green Living Show at the MTCC (North Building)
April 10-12: The Yoga Conference and Show at the MTCC
May 30: desiFEST at Yonge-Dundas Square
June 20-21: Coconut Festival at the Ontario Science Centre
June 27-28: Taste of Asia, a street festival taking place at Kennedy & Steeles in Scarborough
August 12-16: Canfit Pro Toronto at the MTCC
Oct. 16-18: National Women’s Show Toronto at the MTCC

We are eagerly looking forward to bringing this brand to life with the power of presence with our unique event personnel. We are in the midst of creating a dynamic, professional team for these events who will be equipped with key information about the Grace brand and products. With over 500 event personnel on our Toronto roster alone, there will be no shortage of interest in these events which gives Tigris the opportunity to hand select the right fit for each event, especially those with cultural and language requests!

If you have numerous events you’d like to showcase your brand at, it’s beneficial to choose one event staffing company and stick with them throughout your promotions. This way, the agency can build a team of brand ambassadors unique to your needs. The brand ambassadors will become familiar with your brand’s image and products by working a series of promotions vs. event to event. You will also feel comfortable as the client because you will have complete trust in the company and build relationships with the brand ambassadors.  This is a great strategy to develop a strong team that works well together and one that gives you trust in their performance.

Event Personnel

Choosing The Right Event Personnel For Your Brand

As mentioned above, one of the biggest benefits of working with one event staffing agency for your yearly events is building a strong team for your brand. This being said, out of our hundreds of Toronto event personnel, our account manager will build a team of 10-12 staff to cover the shifts for the schedule noted above. Each event requires a range of 2-5 brand ambassadors per shift with some shows requiring 2 shifts/day. Taking on a team of this size will allow us to give each events staff a good range of shifts while also giving us a buffer to accommodate availability and unforeseen changes.

Tigris is also excellent at sourcing staff cultural and language requests for our clients. For this specific campaign, we will proactively aim to schedule events staff who are bilingual in Chinese, Cantonese or Mandarin for Taste of Asia and likewise, personnel who speak Hindu, Urdu or Gujarati for desiFEST since it’s Canada’s South Asian Music Concert. It’s important for company’s to consider the demographics who not only consume their products regularly but also who will be at the events where they will be showcasing their brand so they can connect to them on a more personal level.

Over past years, Tigris has supporting multicultural marketing initiatives for Rogers from 2008 to 2010 at everything from the Chinese Lantern Festival and Chinese New Year to Festival of South Asia, Kismet Wedding Show, Multicultural Days at Ontario Place / Canada’s Wonderland and Caribana. We are also supplying a promotional model bilingual in English and Spanish for PUNCH Communications at PDAC Mar. 1-4 and potentially another who is bilingual in English, French and Spanish to MC some events at this summer’s PanAM Games. How amazing is that?

Our goal with any event is to ensure we provide the right staff who not only meshes with the brand’s image but also personable, professional, reliable and enthusiastic – and in some cases such as the examples detailed above, have special skills and/or language abilities to enhance the promotion and result in a more meaningful engagement with consumers.

Do you need professional event personnel for your upcoming promotions?  We would love to work with you and make 2015 a memorable year full of success for your company. Contact us today at 416.283.9119 for a FREE quote on any type of event or promotion, from trade shows to outdoor sampling. Our services are available in over 15 markets across Canada, including Toronto, Calgary and Vancouver.

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trade show promotion

Expand your Reach, Enhance Your Brand and Boost ROI with A Trade Show Promotion

You’re either wondering what all the clean-green-something-free food fuss is all about or you’ve already got the scoop. Ya, you probably got it.

A Trade Show Promotion for the Natural Health Food Bandwagon is a Gold Mine On Wheels… Do you Dig Me?

Better-For-You (BFY) food trends began to emerge about a decade ago and have become more prominent with time as today’s consumer is actually conscious of packaged food labels, the source of produce in their grocery basket and the quality of products they are purchasing as a whole.  BFY foods (yes this is a term!) refers to a category of products where the amount of unhealthy substances has been actively reduced or removed altogether during production (i.e. fats, sugars, salt, and carbohydrates) and this is what consumers now look for.

The Canadian organic food market has experienced significant growth in recent years based on demand which signifies a tremendous opportunity for corporations and business in this sector but keeping up with the pace or even getting a step further ahead is pivotal to claim a maximum share. With global sales of US$160.3 billion in 2010, the BFY category alone is expected to grow by 24.6% to over US$199.8 billion by 2015. (“Health and Wellness Trends for Canada and the World”. Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada. Government of Canada. October 2011)

With that in mind, wouldn’t it be great to showcase your product or service somewhere with the guaranteed that large volumes of potential customers will be present? And we’re not talking plain volumes of just anyone, it’s predominantly your target market. Well we’ve got news for you –  heck yes it would be great and YES you can! A trade show promotion is a proven way to achieve this and help get your brand recognized while making both instant sales and interactions that will continue to generate future revenue and therefore generate a pretty ROI. Don’t just take our word for it, take a look at the statistics for this method of marketing and see for yourself.

Behold The Wonderful World Of Trade Show Promotion

Let’s begin by recognizing that attendance at most trade shows will range from 10,000-25,000 at smaller shows and 35,000-50,000+ at larger shows that span over an average of 3-10 days. If your company is in the health biz, female consumers are certainly your target as they are often the ones making purchasing decisions within their household. Now, knowing that a healthy serving (no pun intended) of the figures above account for them, it’s fair to acknowledge the quality of reach. What about in scope you ask? Typically 72% of attendees will come from within a city’s greater area and 28% will come from areas farther afield.

We have essentially established that females consistently account for the majority of show-goers at Natural Health, Wellness & Fitness Show but how much is that really? Approximately 79.4% of the demographic is women while 20.6% are males. This confirms the large numbers of women who are seeking information, trying new products, and taking an active role in creating a healthier lifestyle for themselves and their families.

From this demographic as a whole, 80% have a university or post-graduate degree and 59% hold a professional/managerial role which affirms these people are likely making careful decisions and doing their homework when it comes to the products they use and consume hence their presence at shows of this nature.

Each trade show is slightly tailored to focus on a core area of health awareness which result in some varying numbers in the statistics presented below but for the purpose of this content, we have analysed numbers of 10 major Toronto Trade Shows & Expos to achieve closely representative figures for the following statistics on the female demographic:

* 2% are under the age of 19 years old
* 11% are between the ages of 19-24 years old
* 21% are between the ages of 25-34 years old
* 20% are between the ages of 35-44 years old
* 28% are between the ages of 45-54 years old
* 18% are 55+ years old

These figures demonstrate that the equally significant buying power of the boomer & early age millennial is prominent at these events. That means there’s no better time or place than a trade show promotion to get your brand in front of them or better yet, in their hands. Tigris has recently secured a contract with Grace Kennedy, you know all those amazing hot sauces, jerk seasonings, coconut water/products (the list goes on) and will be assisting them with executing an array of sought-out trade shows, expos, festivals and special events in the coming months.  Here are some of the most anticipated events you can expect to find us at:

* Green Living Show from Mar. 27-29 at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre
* Yoga Conference & Show from Apr. 10-12 at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre
* Raw/Vegan Festival from Jun. 6-7 at the Centre for Culture, Arts, Media & Education
* Coconut Festival from Jun. 20-21 at Wychwood Barns
* Vegetarian Food Festival from Sept. 5-7 at Harbourfront Centre
* CHFA from Sept. 19-20 at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre
* Whole Life Expo from Nov. 27-29 at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre

We’re calling all natural health food lovers and enthusiasts!  Whether you come visit us at one or all of these shows or want to work with us to get your brand in on the action, we’d be happy to hear from you!  If you’re considering a trade show promotion we can make it easy and oh so rewarding – give us a call today at 416-983-9119 and let’s get started!

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Give Away BLL Prize Draw

The Blissful Living Lounge, A Symposium for Today’s Busy Woman

Supercharge Your Health & Happiness! Attend a Symposium For Today’s Busy Woman Presented By The Blissful Living Lounge.

Today’s busy women constantly put themselves on the back burner. They put their partner, children, careers, and even their pets before themselves. They want to be valued and aim for perfection in all aspects of their life, often neglecting their own self-care. They become exhausted, burnt out, and unhappy. Do these characteristics ring a bell? if so, you aren’t alone. Many women neglect their own feelings and forget to make their happiness a priority. Amanda Willett, self-love expert, acclaimed speaker and author, is fulfilling her mission of awakening women globally to help them realize it’s not selfish to love yourself, take care of yourself and make your happiness a priority – it is necessary!

If you’re in need of some tender self-love, self-care, and self-realization, treat yourself and attend the Blissful Living Lounge “Supercharge Your Health & Happiness”, a symposium for today’s busy woman. If you’re a woman who’s motivated to expand your sense of self and are here to make a big impact in the world, you will benefit from this workshop in more ways than one. You cannot fully help others if you do not take care of yourself first.

Symposium for Today's Busy Woman

There will be 5 expert speakers in the areas of nutrition, beauty, natural healing, stress management and fitness. Here are the wellness experts that you can look forward to learning from that will help you on your journey to cultivating everyday bliss.

Self Love Activist, Amanda Willett :: Amanda, founder of Blissful Living Lounge, is a wellness coach that has trained in fitness, nutrition, time-management, human resources, self-image and business. She hosts monthly gatherings that are facilitated by her team of wellness experts who invite an opportunity for women to uncover their deepest desires, supporting them in speaking their truth and finding their own path to inner fulfillment, peace and happiness.

Wealth & Money Expert, Sara Zollo :: Sarah is a Sun Life Financial Adviser, equipped with her life insurance and mutual funds license along with her BA and Certified Health Insurance Specialist designation. She’s appeared several times on CTV, BNN and Rogers Daytime. She provides her clients with an organized, down to earth, friendly experience at every stage of the financial planning process.

Motivational Performance Coach, Leo Daniel :: Leo educates women on the power of our body and mind and its ability to not only transform our spirit but our lives. Leo studies, lives and coaches a holistic approach to physical transformation that will encourage you to pursue your dream body & “Live Like Leo”.

Executive Success Coach, Jacinth Tracey :: Jacinth wants to help women take control of their life, eliminate negative thoughts, feeling and behaviors, and overcome all barriers to your personal and professional success. CEO and Founder of Wired2Succeed, Jacinth will share her expertise and powerful tools on overcoming fears and self-sabotage.

Grief Expert, Cheryl Parker :: Cheryl will share her own healing journey through loss, while teaching techniques on our own path to wellness. She practices a variety of healing techniques with her clients such as Hypnotherapy, Touch for Health, Emotional Release, Reiki, and Emotion code. She is an author of Single Working Moms – A Journey to Greatness, and is launching a book titled, “My Good Grief Workbook” in 2015 to facilitate the healing journey through loss.

Blissful Living

A Symposium for Today’s Busy Woman: Learn To Achieve Self-Love & Growth

When: Saturday, February 28th 12:30pm-5:30pm
Where: La Maquette Restaurant | 111 King Street East, Toronto, ON M5C 1G
Passport to Bliss: $55.00
Early Bird RSVP – Girl Power (Group of 5): $40.00
There are only 20! Purchase your ticket here.

Enjoy complimentary consultations with the featured wellness professionals at the “Bliss Beauty Bar”. You’ll have the ability to connect, mingle and participate in conscious discussions with like-minded women. There is a free Lifestyle Assessment, shopping, free swag, appetizers and beverages, and much more!

This is a unique opportunity to connect with women in your area and learn from experts that will provide you with the necessary tips, tools and strategies to help you go from stressed out to blissed out. This supportive space will allow you to reconnect with your essential self. You will discover how to shift from survival mode into thriving mode. You will leave feeling refreshed and refocused – inspired to make yourself a top priority.

Blissful Living

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Condor Security Self Defense (3)

Condor Security Hosts Toronto Self-Defense Seminar With Avital Zeisler

Condor Security Hosts A Life Changing Toronto Self-Defense Seminar With Avital Zeisler

Tigris’ client, Condor Security, is hosting Avital Zeisler on the upcoming Women’s Toronto Self-Defense seminar. Condor Security Inc. is a private security company providing security solutions, services and training in the Greater Toronto Area, and they will be hosting this life changing event at their main office in Toronto.

This self-defense and empowerment program is open to all females who are interested in attending. It is a course every woman should experience. We were honoured and excited when our contact from Condor Security invited us to this amazing event and asked us to promote it within our business network.

Avital Zeisler, world renowned hand-to-hand combat expert and women’s empowerment coach, developed the Soteria Method, named after the Goddess of safety. This technique teaches women a unique and exclusive method of self-defense, fitness and empowerment. This method is designed to guide women towards living life to its fullest, while being armed with the knowledge to defend themselves mentally and physically against a violent threat or attack. The Soteria Method is simple, effective, and retain-able.

Avital was once a victim of sexual assault from a man she trusted. ” [She] chose to face this traumatic experience with courage, strength and plain old guts. [She] needed a new focus; something that would help [her] deal with the negativity and despair — [she] took a self defense class.”(,2013). Her journey led her to train with security specialists, military personnel, and law enforcement officials around the world and ultimately she became a globally sought consultant, coach and trainer.

Avital Zeisler’s method has already transformed the lives of women from all walks of life including Hollywood actresses struggling to overcome trauma from violence and sexual assault. Amanda Seyfried, best known for her role in Dear John and Mean Girls, states”I have this confidence I don’t feel I ever had…this is so much more than self-defense”.

Condor Security Self Defense (6)

The Hard Facts:
* Half of all women in Canada have experienced at least one incident of physical or sexual violence since the age of 16.1
* In a 2009 Canadian national survey, women reported 460,000 incidents of sexual assault in just one year. 2
* Only about 10% of all sexual assaults are reported to police.3
* When it comes to sexual assault, women are frequently not believed, blamed for being assaulted, “or subjected to callous or insensitive treatment, when police fail to take evidence, or when their cases are dropped arbitrarily.” 4
* Only a handful of reported assaults ever result in a conviction: each year, only about 1,500 sexual assault offenders are actually convicted.

Regardless if you are a victim of assault, it is important to be prepared. Once you have the tools to defend yourself, you will not only be able to disable an attacker, but you will also radiate confidence which will lower your chances of physical or sexual assault. Women are constantly alone in Toronto – whether they are taking public transit, grabbing the groceries, or leaving a bar/club, there is always a chance for an attack. Prepare yourself and gain confidence by hearing Avital’s empowering story and learning your own self-defense techniques.

Avital Zeisler’s Toronto Self-Defense Seminar: RSVP Today!

Option #1: Friday March 6th 9:30-11:30am ($19.99)
Option #2: Friday March 6th 12:00-2:00pm ($19.99)
Option #3: Intensive – Sunday March 8th 10:00-2:00pm( $45.00)
Location: 4610 Dufferin St. Unit 1B Toronto, Ontario

Space is limited! RVSP: or contact 416 665 1500 Ext. 277. Tigris head office team will be attending Option #2. We hope to see you there!

As mentioned above, Tigris has provided promotional models and trade show services for Condor Security. If you are interested in any of our services, from event planning to event staffing, call us at 416.283.9119 for a FREE quote. Our services are available in over 15 different markets across Canada included Ottawa, Vancouver, Toronto and Alberta.

Condor Security Self Defense (1)

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