Trade Show Displays

Time to Warm Up Toronto! Winter Trade Show Displays to get you Geared Up for Summer!

The February ‘blahs’ are weighing down on us, it’s been cold and grey just a little too long!

Why not perk yourself up by taking a look at some hot trade show displays in our city?

February in Toronto is a month full of trade shows that are designed to rev up your warm weather engine, and have you day-dreaming about cottage docks and outdoor sports! The companies exhibiting at these trade shows are presenting their brands and products in a way that will make you put your shovel away and enjoy the newest trends and innovations being displayed for your upcoming, warm-weather enjoyment!

On February 5th through 8th at the Direct Energy Centre be sure to deck yourself out in your camo as you attend the Toronto Sportsmen’s Show! With a multitude of interactive exhibits from indoor pond fishing to learning how to cook your catch on stage with the pros, it’s a great way to get off the couch and learn some new skills. See some of Ontario’s most intriguing wildlife up close and personal. Take a look at the latest in fishing and leisure boats, tents and backpacks, ATVs and motorcycles, and canoes and kayaks. This show will exhibit some incredible products that they’ll even allow you to test! The West Coast Lumberjacks will amaze you with their unbelievable axe-throwing skills. You won’t want to miss a minute of the action…and you might even be lucky enough to give axe throwing try!

If you’re impatiently awaiting the water’s thaw, perhaps a good start would be to attend the International Centre’s Spring Fishing and Boat Show on February 13-15. If you’re looking for a new boat, motor and trailer, this is the show you won’t want to miss. A large selection of boat brands and motors are on display making comparison-shopping a breeze. Friendly local dealers are set up with everything you’ll need for a summer full of fishing fun on the water. You will be allowed to step into the boats, give them a feel, and pretend that you’re a captain of the seas!

If it’s speed that makes you hot under the collar, there’s a major event not to be missed! The Canadian International Auto Show runs February 13-22 at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre, and is sure to draw in a huge audience. Exhibitors will be displaying the newest in next generation of hybrids, advanced fuel cells, and electric plug-ins. There will be no shortage of amazing advances to discover at the show. 2015 is new automotive era with displays characterized by innovation, experimentation and the introduction of new technologies. This show will be sure to wow attendees with a peep into the future of the industry!

If spring cleaning and new designs are more your forte, there is also something for you! February 13-16 brings The GTA Home Show to the International Trade Centre. From pre-engineered homes, DIY projects and home decor, to dining and entertaining ideas, the GTA Home show has lined up a spectacular array of celebrities, local experts, exhibitors and eye catching trade show displays to make sure you have everything you need under one roof!

Other notable shows to attend include:
• February 20-22 The Toronto Motorcycle Show @ The Direct Energy Centre
• February 20-22 The Outdoor Adventure Show @ The International Centre
• February 20-22 Toronto Star Golf & Travel Show@ The Metro Toronto Convention Centre
• February 26-March 1 Toronto International RV Show @ The International Centre
(And if you’re looking for something even steamier than summer)…
• February 27-March 1 Sexapalooza @ The International Centre

There are a multitude of ways to get involved in the above described trade shows beyond just attending as a consumer!

Tigris partners with many companies in creating dynamic and engaging trade show displays that are sure to draw in a crowd. Whether it be working with our clients to suggest creative methods to display their products, creating original installations to attract an audience, organizing event logistics to ensure the most impact, or employing charismatic and approachable brand ambassadors to work the front lines, Tigris can help exhibitors fine tune and achieve their trade show goals!

Tigris is also always looking for energetic, attractive, and hardworking staff to work at the trade show events as well! At the moment, we have a team of brand ambassadors booked to work the International Auto Show for Toronto Star and another prospective activation with Accuwrap at the National Home Show next month. Our brand ambassadors will be hosting their booth, entering people into a contest to win $40,000 towards their dream car from Wonderlist. Not familiar with Wonderlist? Well, you should be!! It’s a free premier contest program providing a one of a kind experience to its subscribers with exclusive product offers and over 500 yearly contest opportunities.

If you would like some more information on how Tigris can help improve your trade show displays or if you think you have the skills and energy to represent some amazing brands at one of our clients’ booths, please feel free to visit our event marketing page or give us a call at 416-283-9119 to get more details!

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Top Toronto Brand Ambassadors (4)

Only our Top Toronto Brand Ambassadors for the Canadian International Auto Show!

Tigris Unites With Toronto Star, Sponsor of the 2015 CIAS, to Provide Exceptional Trade Show Services with our Top Toronto Brand Ambassadors!

We were really excited to share this opportunity with our top Toronto brand ambassadors and are even more excited to share the news with our community. Tigris has received a fantastic opportunity to work at one of the most anticipated trade show events of the year – the 2015 Canadian International Auto Show!

The 2015 Canadian International Auto Show (CIAS), presented by Toronto Star (our wonderful client!) and, is Canada’s largest automotive show held annually at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre. This year, the show will run February 13th to 22nd along with a VIP Launch night on Thursday February 12th.

Earlier this week, we reached out to a select group of our top Toronto brand ambassadors to book our team of 8 super star events staff for this activation. Our team will host Toronto Star’s booth Thurs-Mon the first weekend and Sat-Sun for the second. While onsite, our staff will be engaging show-goers to encourage their entry into a contest for the chance to win $40,000 towards their dream car. Who would need to think twice about entering this contest?! Since this activation depends on participation, we’ve put together a phenomenal, results-driven team with BIG personalities to ensure a successful activation for our client.

Toronto Star will be prominent in all of the show’s promotions and will be on-site throughout the exhibition. Benjamin Leung, the show’s president, stated, “this is a perfect partnership, with both the Toronto Star and CIAS sharing a devotion to excellence, respect and admiration for this most exciting and dynamic of industries and above all creating an exceptional experience for visitors and readers”. Tigris couldn’t agree more – we first worked with Toronto Star for the 2014 National Women’s Show assisting with lead generation and brand awareness along with creating memorable experience for trade show go-ers. Tigris prides ourselves on providing outstanding staff to create an exceptional experience for potential and current customers. 

Tigris Provides Top Toronto Brand Ambassadors & Promotional Models For CIAS Exhibitors

The Canadian International Auto Show is Canada’s largest consumer show. More than 30,000 people attend each year! This event offers car enthusiasts an up-cloes look at what is hot and new in the car industry. Guests are able to view more than 1000 new automobiles, view the latest technologies, and browse through over 100 exhibitor booths. As an exhibitor, it is clear that with the high volume alone there will be valuable competition. Have you thought about hiring a team of promotional models or brand ambassadors to enhance your booth, results and consumer experience?

As you know, we have a relationship with Toronto Star for the 2015 Canadian Auto Show, but Tigris has been providing top staffing solutions for various brands and organizations at the CIAS since 2007! Our Toronto events staff are no stranger to this attraction; specifically our Toronto promotional models.

One of our most memorable experiences at the CIAS was in 2012. Tigris worked hand in hand with luxury event management company Candice & Alison to execute a unique publicity stunt for the launch of MINI’s exclusive “Goodwood” car at the private press launch day at the CIAS Feb.16. Tigris cast a unique team of 15 brunette male and female promotional models, all 5ft 8in or taller, to build excitement, anticipation and allure for the new car. Only 1,000 Goodwood cars were made and less and 25 were distributed in Canada. Our professional promotional models ensured a sexy and mysterious reveal of the car with a choreographed routine. This publicity stunt appeared in national newspapers the next day!

In addition to this amazing event, Tigris also supplied sales assist support for Rogers at CIAS for 4 consecutive years along with KIA in 2007. It’s never a dull moment for us at Tigris :-)

The CIAS is bound to have over the expected 30,000 attendees in 2015, but this alone does not guarantee the high traffic you want to see at your booth. You must take aggressive action by planning ahead, offering incentives (such as a contest to win help purchase your dream car) and hiring outstanding brand ambassadors to generate buzz. If you’re looking for a team to create awareness and drive results, contact Tigris today at 416.283.9119. Our trade show services are not limited to Toronto – we offer event planning and staffing solutions in over 15 markets across Canada including Vancouver, Edmonton and Calgary!
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advertising ideas

Tigris Attends Ad Week 2015: Advertising Ideas from Industry Leaders

This week, Tigris’ head office team enjoyed some brilliant advertising ideas at Ad Week events in Toronto.

Officially called “FFWD Advertising and Marketing Week,” this event is Canada’s largest and most diverse annual gathering of advertising, marketing and media leaders. It consists of leadership conferences, galas, awards, and panel presentations. Ad Week was held in Toronto on January 26 through 30th 2015 and showcases advertising ideas from the industry’s best in Canada, while offering a forum to highlight new ideas, future trends, and industry discussions.

The events at Ad Week have been spearheaded by The Institute of Communication Agencies (ICA) and profile the accomplishments of the Canadian communications industry. The Tigris team attended two presentations on Thursday Jan. 29th at the TIFF Bell Lightbox. Through the tips and experiences of industry leaders presenting, we were able to obtain a few pieces of advice for keeping ahead in our business.

The first session that we attended was entitled: “The Power of Fame” – which focused on how brands drive “fame” by creating best in class creative solutions. This session, led by Jennifer Campbell, General Manager of Enterprise Marketing for Canada Post Corporation and Scott Pinkney, VP, Executive Creative Director at Publicis Canada, used case studies to demonstrate how brands have used some very innovative means to drive fame; and in turn create major results for their businesses. Using powerful visual examples of successful brand campaigns, Scott and Jennifer were able to ask the audience to look outside of the box. They suggest that the most successful campaigns push the boundaries; they inspire and evoke emotions, and use multi-channel marketing to stand out and be seen.

One key point that was stressed during the discussion was that ‘disruption’ is a key ingredient. Disruption is the shift from the traditional to the unexpected. When a campaign can break out of the mold and surprise their audience with something sensory, something previously unseen, this is when they’ll reach success!

To illustrate this point, one of the case studies we viewed was a commercial ad campaign for Molson Canadian, where a beer fridge was placed in random locations in various cities around the Europe. The fridge could only be opened by a person who could scan their Canadian passport on the fridge. The advertisement showed crowds of people surrounding the fridge in the various cities calling upon any Canadian citizens, and when one with a passport was found in each location, the beer fridge was successfully opened and the beer shared happily amongst the crowd – of course, all captured on video. This campaign was highly successful in its ability to force people to take notice. The experience of the campaign- having the actual beer fridge show up in a random location, peaked curiousity, encouraged interest and a desire to see what was inside, and when it is known that only a Canadian could share the contents, it’s an emotional response that the audience feels when a Canadian arises from the crowd: pride. Overall the ‘Beer Fridge’ campaign generated over 1.6 million views in a week and quickly made the rounds of social media.

With the various advertising campaigns that we viewed at this seminar, we were urged to use our simple insights and to trust our gut when brainstorming ideas for our next campaign. Jennifer and Scott encourage us to challenge the brands we work with, explore all of the creative avenues available, and try something different for our next marketing initiative.

The next session that we attended was called “Stay Ahead of Your Competition: How the Most Successful in the Advertising Industry Do It.” This session was led by Notable Editor-in-Chief, Eric Wainwright, and included insight from the following industry leaders:
• Caroline Moul, VP Digital & Emerging Media at PHD Network Canada
• Debra Goldblatt-Sadowski, Founder & CEO of rock-it promotions
• Armin Huska, Chief Digital Officer of Mindshare Canada

This panel discussion helped us learn how advertising leaders put themselves ahead of their competition and stay relevant in the industry. Keeping ahead of trends was one of the most important points that was brought up by all of the panelists. They couldn’t stress enough that a forward-view was of utmost importance in an industry of constant change and revival. Armin Huska discussed that each day, one of his methods for success is to read about what worldwide trends and technologies are up and coming. He believes that to be ahead of the curve instead of catching up, it’s crucial to research future certainties. In studying innovations in Europe and the UK he gains an edge over his competitors in North America, many of whom are instead digesting the content of their peers. The most successful brands are those who are reacting in real time-creating an immersive experience for their audience.

The panel suggested that in order to succeed as a leader in marketing, things that you need to do well include:
• Learning faster than the competition: Have the drive to always be the first to know; the person who is ‘in the know’ has the power.
• Implementing faster than the competition: Action in real-time yields the most success. We live in an age of technology that allows for instant connection; we must use this ability to work faster than the competition.
• Be hungry for knowledge, embrace change in a smart and professional way.
• Show commitment: Be the first to arrive, last to leave. This is a life style that will help you get ahead.
• Be good to your staff and clients: Build strong relationships and have fun! Make sure you’re doing something that you love!

As Armin put it bluntly, marketing can be viewed akin to anything else in life: ove it, live it, or change it! These experts are the top leaders of their field, and are sharing their knowledge so that Canadians continue to out-perform and innovate in this industry for years to come.

I hope that our look back at the advertising ideas shared at Ad Week 2015 have inspired you as well to think outside of the box and embrace your brand from a different perspective.

If you have an upcoming event that Tigris could assist you with, we would love to discuss more about how we can help make it a success! Please feel free to visit our event marketing page or give us a call at 416-283-9119!

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Super Bowl Promo Models

Find Super Bowl Promo Models at an Event Near You!

The 2015 Super Bowl is upon us! This exciting game between the New England Patriots vs Seattle Seahawks will take place in Arizona this year on Sunday, February 1st. While the majority of us won’t be in the stands for the game it doesn’t mean we won’t be participating in something else like attending a local party, pub event or private function! The Super Bowl has set a record for the most-watched television event four out of the last 5 years. With over 111 million people about to watch Superbowl XLIX, the real question is, where will you be watching the game this Sunday?

Gorgeous Super Bowl Promo Models Across the GTA

Tigris has been working with Labatt on an event to event basis since 2007 and this year is no exception. This year we have teamed up with a few local reps to staff a number of Super Bowl promo models to host some of their Bud and Bud Light Parties across the GTA. If you have yet to confirm your plans for this Sunday, come out to one of these amazing events! We have 4 events staffed with our most beautiful, outgoing ladies. Our Super Bowl promo models will be at Shopsy’s Sports Grill  in Toronto, Jakes on Main in Unionville, King Richards English Pub in Aurora, and a private party in Toronto (the latter unrelated to Labatt).

At King Richards Pub, you will find one gorgeous promo model from Tigris hosting a Chili Kick Off Super Bowl Event. This lovely lady with be engaging with guests, distributing samples of Bud Light, taking photos, and making sure everyone is having a blast! At the other two locations, Tigris will have 2 promotional models hosting other Super Bowl Parties. The ladies will be giving out free swag, assist with drawing out prizes, and taking photos. This is where all the action is at! Come out and win a win prizes from our amazing ‘Bud Girls’.

You may have seen recently that Tigris also hosted a Super Bowl pre-party at Riley’s in Peterborough on Jan. 10. Our lovely ladies actually had the opportunity to give away a free all expenses paid trip to the Super Bowl. We’ve never seen someone so excited as the winner!!!

Lastly, Tigris is also providing 3 promotional models for a private Super Bowl party for the owner of Seacore Seafood. The ladies will be acting as bartenders and hostesses, serving and greeting guests. It’s always nice to enjoy the game from the comfort of your own home (with super hot promo staff, of course!). Talk about VIP quality service for your guests :-)

Ensure A Touchdown With Professional Promo Models

As we mentioned before, this isn’t our first time staffing for a Super Bowl party. Here are a few testimonials from guests at our previous Super Bowl events with ‘Bud Girls’!
* “The Bud girls are my favorite part of coming here to watch the Super Bowl!”
* “Will you guys come again next year?!”
* “Can we get a picture? I want to remember this night”
* “Labatt girls ALWAYS make these events better!”
* “Somehow beer seems to take better when there are Bud girls around”

Obviously our Super Bowl promo models are a huge success. They energize and interact with the crowd, ensuring an unforgettable Super Bowl experience. While promo staffing is only one small area of our marketing abilities, (in addition to personnel, promotional event planning, and much more!)  our talent absolutely love working these events.

If you’re interested in using Super Bowl Promo Models this year (it’s not too late!) or are in need of enthusiastic, professional models for an upcoming bar promotion, please call us at 416.283.9119 for a free quote or click here. Our services are available in over 15 markets across Canada, including Vancouver, Calgary and Toronto!

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