24 Jun / Event Marketing Agencies: The Programs they Plan & What they Look for in their Events Staff

A Behind the Scenes Look at Event Marketing Agencies Have you ever wondered how much work event marketing agencies put into planning their events? If so, you’re in luck; we’re gonna let you in on a few little secrets! It takes a lot of work for an event to come together and there are many elements that must be taken into consideration during the planning process. Hey, event planning isn’t for everyone, but at Tigris, we…

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Promotional Staff for Glacier Skywalk

18 Jun

Author: Serena Schwab
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18 Jun / Tigris Promotional Staff Building Buzz about Glacier Skywalk for Brewster Travel Canada

Partnering up the Right Promotional Staff to Represent one of Canada’s Top Travel Companies Promotional staff are the perfect compliment to an event marketing campaign – and Brewster Travel Canada certainly agrees with us! Brewster reached out to Tigris to build some buzz about a new feature attraction nestled in the breathtaking natural wonder of the Rocky Mountains. Haven’t heard about Glacier Skywalk? It’s the perfect blend of excitement and beauty to get your…

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16 Jun / Preparing for a Promotional Modeling Event :: Make-Up Tips Every Event Staff Should Know!

Have you been hired for a promotional modeling event? Looking for the perfect tutorial on how to prepare yourself for the upcoming promo? As the summer season begins, so does the request for presentable, outgoing promotional models with a great brand image.  Take a few minutest to review the tips below so the next time you’ve been booked for a promotional modeling event, getting ready will be as easy as 1-2-3. What Type of…

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11 Jun / Event Promotion for the 2014 FIFA World Cup is Capturing Audiences around the Globe

International Event Promotion for FIFA World Cup There is no other sport that seems to capture as much excitement, or have as much event promotion around it, than the FIFA World Cup. The infamous soccer competition, otherwise known as “football”, started off in the 1930’s. Can you believe it’s been around for that long? For 12 exciting years, the competition was growing with fans before WWII put it on pause. After the war, the…

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