Fundraising Development Camp Trillium

Fundraising Development Initiatives for Camp Trillium

Fundraising Development for a Fabulous Cause

What could be worse than finding out one of the children in your family has been diagnosed with a life threatening illness? As you can imagine, the challenges and fear associated with such a situation are truly unimaginable.

There is an amazing organization called Camp Trillium which offers year-round recreational experiences to bring children with cancer – and their families together. Officially, the Trillium Childhood Cancer Support Centre works to provide an environment that normalizes relationships and experiences, helping them in the healing process and enhancing their quality of life.

While the illness is infinitely challenging in itself, the other problem facing families is how to balance the attention their other children require during this difficult time. Camp Trillium addresses these challenges head on, helps them not only cope but thrive with unique, bond-strengthening experiences.

As you can imagine, running such an operation requires significant fundraising development and support. Revenues received in the form of donation are used to run programs at OuR Island and Rainbow Lake, 2 sites in Ontario on which Camp Trillium maintains permanent camping facilities. The primary purpose of these camps and in turn, the revenue from various fundraising development initiatives, are to provide psycho-social support to children afflicted with cancer and to their families.

Like many other not-for-profit organizations, Camp Trillium heavily depends on its income through donations received by Canadian charitable and similar organizations. A few of the keynote events that raise significant funds are actually coming up in just a few weeks.

Support Camp Trillium and their Fundraising Development by Participating in (or Sponsoring) One of These Amazing Events!

1) MLSE TEAM UP CHALLENGE at Downsview Park on Sun., Jun. 14
The MLSE Team Up Challenge is a premier fundraising event of its kind – an all day sports tournament where teams compete in soccer, basketball, and ball hockey with the goal of raising money to enrich the lives of kids who count on Camp Trillium. Participants have the opportunity to compete in Downsview Park and HoopDome and enjoy an entire day filled with sports, music, entertainment and philanthropy.

To compete in the tournament, teams of 8-10 must reach a minimum fundraising target of $5,000 ($500/person on average). All funds raised through pledges and donations will help send children who are battling cancer and their families to Camp Trillium. The Trillium Childhood Cancer Support Centre offers and promotes recreational experiences to bring children with cancer and their families together. Each team participating in the Challenge is paired with a Camp Trillium family who serves as their honorary coaches to motivate them throughout their fundraising and cheer for them on Game Day.

Click here if you’d like more information on the MLSE Team Up Challenge – or better yet, to register YOUR team! Camp Trillium is also looking for volunteers to help support this event.

mlse fundraising development

2) SET SAIL FOR HOPE at Hanlan’s Point on Fri., Jun. 19
Since 1986, Set Sail For Hope has been raising funds for children living with cancer. To date, the event has provided a huge lift in Camp Trillium’s fundraising development with well over $3 million dollars raised in support of the organization. This past year alone, we raised $163,300 which is enough to send 163 kids living with cancer to camp for 10 days. 100% of the monies raised are donated directly to Camp Trillium.

The event itself is a wonderfully unique, upscale, and memorable day that offers a gourmet, multi-course meal created by some of Toronto’s top chefs, entertainment, beverages, and a beautiful afternoon sail on Lake Ontario aboard a luxurious private yacht.

Interested in getting involved with this amazing event? Click here.

set sail for hope fundraising development

3) TOUR FOR KIDS Aug. 14-16 in Barrie
Tour for Kids continues to be THE cycling event of the season. This year’s route takes us back to the Barrie area for 3 strong days of kick ass riding. Join us as we continue to support Camp Trillium, Camp Oochigeas and Camp Quality for the 12th season!

Tour for Kids is an important, sustainable source of funding for the incredible childhood cancer camp organizations in Canada. Since 2004 Tour For Kids has raised and distributed more than $10 million to these amazing organizations.

What makes Tour for Kids different from other “epic” events? You will be helping kids with cancer while challenging yourself. Tour For Kids is more than just a morning cruise on urban highways with a crowd of thousands. It’s more than just a one-day “gran fondo” Tour For Kids is a 3-day, 300 to 600 km tour of quiet out-of-way country roads and a challenging and rewarding experience. Tour For Kids isn’t just about conquering cancer. It’s about making a meaningful, immediate and lasting difference in the lives of kids with cancer today.

Whether you choose to ride, volunteer or donate, your contribution is meaningful and appreciated. On behalf of the camps and the kids at the heart of Tour for Kids, thank you for helping make a meaningful difference in the quality of life of children with cancer.

To register for the event, click here.

Tour for Kids Fundraising Development

What About Planning your Own Event to Support Camp Trillium’s Fundraising Development?

While all of these events are amazing and big revenue generators for Camp Trillium, events are cyclical and there is no guarantee on how long they will continue to run and support the organization.

Camp Trillium is always looking for new people and/or company’s who can contribute to the maintenance and growth of their organization and ultimately the long-term support of families in need.

If contributing to Camp Trillium’s fundraising development initiatives is something you would like to explore further, please contact us at

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5 Secrets of Successful Street Team Brand Ambassadors

How To Create Results Driven Street Team Brand Ambassadors

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could create an exceptional street team of brand ambassadors to distribute, educate and promote your product? You probably already know that experiential marketing works best; allowing your consumers to directly experience your brand is the number one way to create brand loyalty and increase brand awareness. Using street team brand ambassadors to distribute your product or spread key messaging is a form of experiential marketing. The brand ambassadors that comprise of your street team are forming relationships with your consumers for a relativity low price compared to television and print advertisements.

Have you noticed yet that not all street teams are effective? Just think about that time an individual tried to offer you a free sample and you kept your head down or picked up your pace. You’ve got to wonder why some street teams are successful while others are not. We’ve outlined 5 secrets of a successful street team so your next outdoor promotion can achieve maximum results.

street team brand ambassadors

5 Secrets Of Successful Street Team Brand Ambassadors

  1. Research The Perfect Location

You can’t just stick a team in the middle of Timbuktu and expect them to distribute 300,000 samples of your product. You also can’t place a street team for organic food in front of a McDonald’s. It’s crucial to select an appropriate time and location for your street team to appear. Figure out where your target audience will be and place the product directly in their path.

For example, Tigris is working with Maverick Brands to execute a street promotion for a pure organic beverage. They picked the ultimate location – outside of the Vancouver Convention Centre, during the weekend of CHFA.  The Canadian Health Food Association (CHFA) is Canada’s largest trade association dedicated to natural health and organic products. The brand is aware of the event and realizes that their target audience will be in attendance. What better way to get noticed than to stop by an event where you know your consumer will be?

  1. Select The Right Team

Age, gender, ethnicity, appearance, education, languages, and availability all play a role in selecting the right team of brand ambassadors to promote your product. An event staffing agency will assist you by creating a team that aligns with your brand, but it’s helpful if you know what you’re looking for. Be aware of your product and brand image to narrow down the perfect representatives for your product. Who does your target audience relate to?

A great example of a diversified team of brand ambassadors was for the Metropolis at Metrotown Black Friday promotion in November 2014. The client requested staff bilingual in Chinese, Cantonese or Mandarin because they knew their consumers base well and were able to identify an appropriate team for the special promotion.

  1.  Design Eye Catching Uniforms

You don’t need to cover your brand ambassadors in feathers and sparkles (although that may help draw attention!) but it’s important to provide your street team with an appropriate uniform. You also need to be aware of the weather conditions! Do you need branded t-shirts and umbrellas? Or branded t-shirts and matching jackets? Your team will be impossible to miss if they are all clearly branded and matching. It will also increase the level of professionalism and their level of authority to the public.

If you want to go above and beyond branded uniforms, try a walking billboard promotion! Lightweight and comfortable, brand ambassadors are able to wear these backpack billboards for several hours at a time. The billboard will display your brand and literally turn heads. It’s an effective method to get consumers to stop, and once they do, the street team can place your product in their hands! Speaking of which, we have events staff showcasing advertising using these billboards for Zoocasa and RBC in Toronto this month – so keep on the look out!

  1. Provide Clear Product Messaging (And Conversation Starters!)

So now you’ve got the best looking street team ever. Here’s the bottom line; if you’re street team isn’t well informed, they won’t be able to accomplish anything. Be sure to tell the temporary staffing agency the main features and benefits of your product so they aren’t simply handing out items they know nothing about. What makes your product unique? Why should consumers choose you? Relay this information to the agency so they can prepare your street team and make people desire your product.

Sometimes, for whatever reason, people don’t want free stuff. They are too preoccupied, busy or afraid of the individual selling for them to accept the product. Conversations starters are super important and effective. Instead of saying “Would you like a free sample?” have your brand ambassadors say “Have you got your free sample of ____”? This is effective because it outlines FOMO (the fear of missing out). The consumer isn’t given a choice; instead they automatically begin to think “Wait, no, I haven’t gotten one! Who else did? What is it?” That’s when the brand ambassador begins to relay the product information and create a memorable experience for the consumer.

  1. Be Ready for FAQ’s

Street team brand ambassadors are walking, talking advertisements for your product. They need to know as much as they can about your product to represent your brand as accurately as possible. Be transparent and tell the truth! Prepare your brand ambassadors for the tough questions. Do you test on animals? Where do you get your ingredients? What does fair trade mean? Your street team will engage with thousands of people per day, and some are bound to ask the hard questions. It’s better to be prepared then have your team stammering for answers.

Are you ready to create an amazing street team, increase brand awareness, brand loyalty, and sales? Spring has just begun and this is the perfect opportunity to have a street team of brand ambassadors distributing your product. Tigris has brand ambassadors all across Canada, including Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver and Calgary. Call us today for a FREE quote on street teams, event staffing, or creative services at 416.283.9119.

Street team brand ambassadors

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Creative Design

Creative Design for Tigris’ New Office

Creative Design Can Be So Much Fun!

By now you’ve probably heard the news; Tigris has a new home for our head office! Our brand colours are bright and bold so it was a lot of fun determining how to accent the walls, pick furniture to match along with signage, decals and everything else that goes into a new office and the creative design process behind it.

Not everyone is naturally creative but if you have an established brand, developing creative concepts and ideas is not difficult. In our case, we were fortunate enough to find a space that already had the layout we wanted and needed. In fact, the previous tenants even had similar brand colours to Tigris so it was really easy to visualize ourselves working in the new space.

So what did we need in that case? Well, for starters, we needed to come up with a creative design for our exterior sign. Of course, nothing can ever go exactly as planned. The day we took possession, we arrived to find the old sign… well, missing. The former tenant was just moving around the corner and thought they would swap out the sign of their new unit with their old one so they didn’t have to re-brand it. Unfortunately, it broke clean in half – but were gracious enough to give us the money to get new plexi-glass for our sign. It delayed installation for a few days but hey, it could’ve been worse.

Next on the list was painting. And by painting, it took at least 40 hours over 4 days to put 2 coats of paint on 25 walls. We were able to colour match our logo so we could feature our brand colours in the reception and boardroom areas along with accent walls in the offices. The existing offices each had 2 grey walls and 2 lavender walls so we covered the 2 lavender walls with grey paint and accented one wall in each of the 6 offices with alternating blue and purple shades to match our logo. We also painted the 2nd floor storage area and washroom to freshen up the place along with replacing the carpets. Fortunately, the flooring on the 1st level is in great condition and required no work at all. We just had to be extra careful with taping and drop sheets to ensure they stayed that way.

Given the former tenant had a clinic, she utilized an area for laundry… which as a marketing agency, we clearly don’t need. With the washer and dryer out of the way, we installed cabinetry and a new counter and had a fridge delivered so all of the employees have a functional lunch room. All that’s left is a back splash which we expect to complete in a couple of weeks.

Another common concern with moving offices is cabling for phones and computers. We were extremely fortunate that one of the tenants over the years had done this already. We literally just had to plug our server and phone system in upstairs and voila… Tigris was up and running!

Coming up with a Creative Design for Tigris’ Sleek and Chic Boardroom

Our big splurge for the new space was our beautiful boardroom. The existing office had a HUGE waiting room area… it kind of felt like a lot of wasted space that we could put to other uses. We researched ideas to install a glass partition with double doors, stainless steel pivots and handles. And we had to admit, the end result is breathtaking! We have a formal boardroom that seats 8 people comfortably along with a 40″ TV to review slideshows and presentations through a VGA/HDMI port. Our favourite element to the boardroom is the branding we designed ourselves with colourful decals and 3 strips of frosting with lettering cut out to define our company and illustrate our slogan. The creative design of our boardroom is a focal point as soon as you enter the office and makes a strong statement about the professionalism we stand behind at Tigris.

So what’s left? Well, short of buying a shelving unit for the boardroom’s phone and cable box and buying some art work for the offices, we are completely done!!! It may have taken over a year to find the space we were looking for but we have officially been in our new home since Mar. 9 and look forward to a bigger and better year than ever.

For more on Tigris and our creative design / experiential marketing expertise, give us a ring at 416.283.9119. Or better yet, stop by our new office and say hello! Our new address is 487 Westney Road South, Unit 18 Ajax. And for those of you who think it’s crazy that we’re working in Ajax, none of our commutes exceed 20-25 minutes each way. While everyone else is sitting in rush hour traffic traveling to and from downtown, we are always driving against the traffic. It’s a beautiful thing we like to call “work-life” balance :-)

Can you tell that we absolutely love our new space!

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