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Experiential Marketing In Toronto ONWouldn’t you love to build a long-term relationship with your customers?

Top line research findings in North America, Europe, Australia and Asia indicates that the brands that will lead in the 21st century will be experience brands, supported by experiential marketing tactics.

Overwhelmed by this? We’re here to help!

At Tigris, we create unique experiences to tell the story of your brand and connect to consumers in a meaningful way.

Our team of dedicated experiential marketing event professionals will develop:

•   an interactive experiential marketing plan that communicates your brand while engaging your target consumers
•   coordinate the logistics required for the activation to alleviate a ton of time from your busy schedule
•   book & manage a team of events staff from our roster to follow through with its dynamic execution
•   in addition to building compelling campaigns, we also provide event management, photos & results

We call this successful form of advertising the “EXPERIENCE EFFECT”. After all, research has proven that the experience is everything!

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When brands are effectively supported by experiential marketing and communication tools, this connection has the capacity to attract new users, stimulate early adapters, cement pre-existing loyalties and create a positive and evolving social dialogue between brand and consumer. Today, more than ever, how a brand behaves is more important than what it says.

Experiential Marketing Strategies

Walk the walk; don’t just talk the talk!

The best experience brands understand and invest in their consumer’s experience. Some findings that have proven to be true are:
1. Differentiated brand experiences drive consumer choice
2. Consumers will pay more for brands that offer unique experiences
3. Too few brand are meeting consumer demand for unique experiences

Offering a clear message and a unique experience creates a strong connection with the consumer and the brand. It’s undeniable that people are an effective method of advertising. Professional, trained events staff that communicate key brand messages and engage them in a unique  way are unforgettable. It’s the experiences garnered from experiential marketing tactics such as these that connect consumers to brands.

So what does all of this mean to you and your company?

Brands can’t just become more “experiential”… they must understand, embrace and incorporate experience drivers into every aspect of their business. These experience drivers range from product, shopping, customer/employee, discovery, community and digital influences.

Tigris is an award winning brand experience agency specializing in innovative, turnkey experiential marketing strategies. We have 12 years experience exciting consumers and executing thousands of programs across the country, and even a few in the United States. You can depend on our experiential expertise to build you an unforgettable program while our dynamic events staff successfully execute it. Don’t get lost in the crowd. Tigris promotes products and services with “the power of presence” so you’re brand doesn’t go unnoticed.

Read this blog on one of our successful experiential marketing activation at Rogers Cup!

Call us at 416.283.9119 to learn more about how we can use experiential marketing to enhance your brand awareness and bottom line.

Tigris’ Experiential Marketing Services are Available at Top Locations including: Toronto, ON – Vancouver, BC – Calgary AB

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